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Shivering in the pre-dawn coolness of Saturday morning, the Tooth Fairies prepared to set out on another Weekend to End Women's Cancers.

On September 10th our team of Heather, Jacquie, Pat and Karen (Heather's sister) joined 4013 other men and women to walk the 60km to raise money for the essential research performed at the Princess Margaret Hospital.

This is the 6th year we have participated in this life-affirming event and with your help this year we raised nearly $11,000.00 of the $9.4 Million that was generated by this event. We collected a few blisters and sore muscles along the way but they were completely overshadowed by the smiles and cheers and tears we shared all through the city. The support on the streets of Toronto is overwhelming and the enthusiasm of the hundreds of volunteers encourages you to keep going when your feet or your spirits want to give up. The fight to conquer cancer is something that touches everyone and we are honoured that our efforts have helped provide "One Day Rapid Diagnosis" and ongoing care and support to cancer patients and survivors.

We are all so grateful for the help, support and encouragement that we have received from all of you over the years.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,

The Tooth Fairies

September 2011 - eNews, Tips, and More!

The first day of autumn - September 23 - is just around the corner. Don't fret: there is still time for a round of golf, another game of tennis or a long nature hike to view the amazing colour show Ontario enjoys each year.

Many of you are back in school or perhaps settling back into a more demanding routine. This can add stress and make you look for ways to save time. Two things that should not be eliminated from your morning routine are flossing and breakfast. Flossing is an essential component of oral hygiene: it only takes a few moments and its benefits last a lifetime. From the classroom to the boardroom, a healthy breakfast improves performance, concentration and overall health. You don't need a three course sit-down meal, simply a healthy nutritious boost to start your day.

If you are looking for something fun to do with the family, apple picking season is here again. For those of you looking for different fruit to pick this year, Ontario also boasts delicious peaches, nectarines and plums, followed by pears in August. Freshly picked fruit shoul be a great component to your breakfast, and reminds you from where the food in the supermarket was grown.

If you are in Toronto on October 1, be sure to check out Nuit Blanche. It is an amazing way to explore the city and has been getting better each year. Remember to bring a camera and feel free to share your photos with us, we may include them in next month's eNewsletter.

Have a safe and healthy month from your friends,

Dr.MIlligan and High Park Dental team

Health Tip: Protect Your Winning Smile

Mouthguards are flexible dental appliances worn by athletes to protect teeth from possible damage.

They are usually made of plastic materials that fit comfortably over your teeth and gums. There are over the counter variations available, but for the highest level of protection we recommend a custom fitted mouthguard that is made specifically for your smile.

If you or your children are enrolling in sports activities, considering using mouthguards!

Dr. Milligan may not be able to keep your winning streak going, but he is able to protect your winning smile!

Click here learn more about mouthguards.

A Go-To Granola

If you have been skipping breakfast or grabbing something when you get to the office, you may be missing out on the healthy start that your body needs. By planning ahead and preparing your breakfast in advance you can save time, money and your health.

A good go-to recipe for a homemade granola can be used as a quick breakfast or as a snack you keep at your desk to eliminate the temptation of less healthy alternatives throughout the day.

Some Tips for a Great Morning Granola:

  • Start with good quality whole rolled oats. This is the basis of the recipe.
  • Use sweeteners such as maple syrup, agave nectar, and honey.
  • Use healthier plant based oils such as sunflower oil, coconut oil or organic canola oil. Have fun adding healthy things you love, such as almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, sesame seeds, coconut flakes, apricots, raisins, goji berries... Add whatever you want! It's yours to enjoy.
Once it is made, simply store it in a glass jar and it will keep for a good couple of months.

By making your own granola, you will know exactly what is in it and avoid countless additives and preservatives that are found in store bought varieties.

To get you started here is a recipe we love. Remember that you can alter it to your taste and use it to get your day started right.

Recipes provided by Marni Wasserman and fullynurished.ca.

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