high park dentist Dr. tim milligan
high park dentist Dr. tim milligan


Soft Tissue Dental Laser

soft tissue denal laserPrecision dental tools often allow us to use minimally invasive techniques for dental procedures that would otherwise require anesthetics and scalpel incisions. A Soft Tissue Laser as its name suggests is a tool that allows us to sculpts and care for gums and soft tissue in your mouth.

In our High Park dental office soft tissue lasers are used in many situations including tooth extractions, gum contouring/surgery and periodontal treatments. The soft tissue laser has the benefit of creating a hygienic environment and decreased bleeding at the surface we are treating. This precision creates a situation with less swelling and faster healing.

Please feel free to ask High Park dentist Dr. Tim Milligan about the Soft Tissue Dental Laser on your next visit or through our 'ask a dentist' a question section.


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